Teams’ FAQs

Case Questions

Q – Can you please provide _______ information about D Motors?

Please refer to the case materials for any company-specific questions that you might have about D Motors. Any information not provided in the case was not given to you by D Motors for this project. We advise making logical assumptions based upon comparable companies in the industry. Please be sure to clearly callout these assumptions and how they support your recommendations.

General Questions:

Q – Are appendices, charts, and images included in the 10-page slide limit?

Appendices and title pages do not count towards the 10-page slide limit. All other slides do count toward the 10 page limit. Please note that the graders will not refer to the appendix, but that you may flip to an appendix during your semifinals / finals presentation time if you choose.

All charts and images are included in the 10-page slide limit. Teams are encouraged to create slides that integrate multiple charts, images, or graphics into a single page in order to satisfy the constraints.

Q – Are presentations viewed in presentation mode during evaluation?

Yes, presentations will be viewed in presentation mode during the evaluation.

Q – Permitted to use real-world automotive companies as reference for D Motors and for competitor analysis?

Yes, teams are permitted to use real-world automotive companies as a reference for their analyses.

Q – Can teams select their presentation times on Friday or is the order at random?

Unfortunately Deloitte cannot guarantee presentation times on Friday. However, please submit any time conflicts that you have along with your case submission and we will make all possible attempts to accommodate your schedule.

Q – Financial data required in presentation?

No, financial data is not required in the presentation. However, teams are encouraged to use financial data to support their insights and recommendations as appropriate.