1. Participants are not allowed to solicit or accept any input, guidance, research, or advice from anyone not on their team. This includes professors, Deloitte alumni, industry analysts or experts, employees of the subject companies, faculty, staff, other students or school alumni.
  2. Teams may use any/all publicly available information including, but not limited to, any databases accessed through the school library. Teams may also consult industry and analyst reports, trade magazines, and other publications beyond those provided in the data pack. All sources used as a part of the team’s analysis must be properly cited.
  3. Teams must use the PowerPoint template included on the website to create their presentations and submit the presentation as PPT or PDF files.
  4. Please limit your presentation to 10 slides, not including the title and Appendix
  5. All presentation materials must be submitted via email to by 6:00pm PDT on Wednesday April 26. Teams failing to submit their materials by the designated time will be disqualified from the competition.
  6. Please title the subject of the email “2017 UW Case Competition – <Team Name>”. Please use the naming convention “TeamName_CaseSolution_DC2017” for your recommendations file. Also, Team member names should be clearly indicated on the cover page of the presentation.
  7. Presentations cannot be altered in any way after their submission.
  8. All team members must be present for their team’s presentation. Every team member must deliver a part of the team presentation.  Each team will decide how to allocate the different parts of its presentation to team members.
  9. The dress code for both the Semifinalist and Finalist Round presentations is business formal.
  10. The computer-projection technology available at the venues will be used for team presentations. In case of technology failure, however, teams must be ready to present using their printed slides.  Please have at least 4 printed copies on hand for your presentation.