Q – How do I sign up to participate in the case challenge?
Students should sign up for a competition in teams of exactly four. You can register your team using the link on the first page or here. If you do not have four people, please wait until our kick-off event on April 20 at 6:00 to 7:30pm in DEM 102. We will have a time for networking to complete your teams.
There are no strict requirements for team representation from different majors or disciplines within UW. However, we encourage forming teams with participants from across colleges and majors, since the case will likely incorporate a variety of interdisciplinary topics. A maximum number of four people per team will be enforced.

Q – What sort of case will we be working on?
The case is developed from work done by Deloitte Consulting’s three service areas: Strategy and Operations, Technology, and Human Capital. As a result, you will see elements that touch upon all three service areas. For industries, the cases will vary; past cases have involved an online book retailer, an airplane parts manufacturer, and a cloud hosting platform.

Q – Will we need to perform external research or will all supporting materials be provided with the case?
The case will contain enough information to gain an understanding of the situation, however, outside research is permitted and may be useful when working on your solution. Please review the rules for additional information about research.

Q – Can graduate students participate in the case challenge?
No, you must be a current UW undergrad to participate. Graduate students and former undergrads more than one year past graduation (i.e. a grad date before June 2016) may not participate.

Q – What should I wear?
The recommended dress code for events and meetings is business casual. Semifinalist and finalist presentations require business formal.

Q – When can I begin working on the case?
Immediately following the kickoff presentation on Thursday, April 20th

Q – How should I get in touch with the Deloitte team if I have additional questions?
Feel free to email us at uwcasechallenge@deloitte.com with questions.

Q – What is the schedule of events for the week?
A detailed schedule of events during the week of competition will be posted closer to the competition date. However, you may expect to start working on the case on April 20th, submit your presentation by April 26th 6:00 PM (Wednesday evening) and if selected, participate in final round presentations on April 28th.

Q – What criteria will be used to judge our presentations?
The presentations will be judged on the ability to address the required questions, the quality of the solution, and the overall presentation of ideas.

Q – How long will the presentation last including Q&A?
 For the first round of the competition no presentations will be held and teams will be evaluated based on the submitted presentation slides. For the semi-finals teams will have about 15 minutes to present and another 10 minutes for Q&A.

Q – Will our slides be reviewed in presentation mode and can we use animation or will they be printed out?
Slides will be reviewed in presentation mode. Animations are not prohibited, but are generally not recommended.

Q – How much time will I need to spend on the competition over the course of the week?
Expect to spend 10 to 20 hours per each team member over the five days of the competition to produce your final deliverable. It is important to stay organized and work efficiently in order to avoid a build-up of work as you approach the deadline.

Q – In previous years there was a template given to the students are we limited to just the styles of the template or can we expand our presentation beyond that?
It is recommended that participants use the template provided for consistency purposes, but we do not limit diagrams/tables/slides based on the sample template.

Q – Do we get to watch other teams present?
The first round of presentations will include only judges and the semi-finalist team presenting. All teams are invited to watch the final round of presentations, but you will have to confirm your attendance by emailing uwcasechallenge@deloitte.com.

Q – Does participation help with recruitment?
Participating allows you to get to know Deloitte practitioners and understand what we do; at the same time, Deloitte practitioners are able to meet you outside of the traditional recruiting cycle and get to know you better. As a bonus, case competitions make for a great topic of conversation during your interviews – with Deloitte or any other company.

Q – What’s the prize?
This year’s winners will receive a $1,000 Cash Prize. The winner and runner-ups will receive invitations to attend a Sounders game in the Deloitte box suite with Consulting leadership from the Seattle office.

Q – Who will judge the competition?
The presentations will be judged by senior Deloitte practitioners from the Seattle office, as well as UW professors from the Foster School of Business, College of Engineering, and Information School.

Q – Do you have any examples of past presentations?
Please refer to the “Sample Cases” tab to download sample presentations from past competitions. It is important to note that these presentations should not be used as templates, but as examples for creating simple and logical arguments using PowerPoint. The frameworks and structures used in these presentations may or may not be applicable to this year’s case.

Q – How many teams participated last year?
Every year there are around 20 – 30 teams that participate in the competition.

Q – Is there a link that shows the winning presentation of last year’s competition?
We do not distribute any presentations, other than the samples provided here.